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Our team who are experts in their fields examines incoming projects meticulously. All necessary checks are carried out to the smallest detail.
4+4 Color Front/Back Sheet
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American Binding Books
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Hardcover Books
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Wire Sewing Books
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Color Separation

Our team who are experts in their fields examines incoming projects meticulously. All necessary checks are carried out to the smallest detail before color control and printing on EIZO monitors. The color spaces, pixel sizes, image resolution, image sharpening, contrast adjustment, skin color, texture, color corrections, and final retouching of the images whose readiness for printing is checked by our color specialist are done with great care. The projects whose preliminary preparation and control processes have been completed for the transition to the offset printing stage are directed to our automatic plating machine and included in the online production program after receiving approval for printing from the customer in the form of a remote pdf.

CTP Plate

The works, which are mounted and whose remote approvals are received, are exposed directly to the plate from the computer environment in the appropriate calibration to the printing system. Plates and chemicals used during these processes are selected from environmentally friendly products. The print carried out with the plates taken from CTP is the latest technology product in terms of obtaining the desired result without errors and dot loss.

Digital Printing Proofing

In order to see the result before printing, a FOGRA-approved proof is taken with our digital proofing machine and it is made ready for printing. The compliance to quality standards of the proofs we produce in our digital proofing system is tested and certified by Fogra. In this way, the quality of your proof production reaches international standards accepted all over the world. Fogra certified proofs are used as binding proofs in the world printing industry.

Image Image Image

Machine Park

  • 10 Piece Macintosh Graphics Computer
  • 2 Piece Mac Intel CPU QuadCore
  • 1 Piece Mac Power
  • 2 Piece PC Intel Core 2 Quad
  • 3 Piece EIZO Color Edge CG243W Graphic Monitor
  • 1 Piece X-RITE Eye-One Display Monitor Calibration
  • 1 Piece CANON IPF 840 Plotter 120 cm
  • 1 Piece Print Resolution: 2400 x 1200 dpi
  • 1 Piece Epson P-5000 Digital Proofing
  • 1 Piece KODAK TRENDSETTER 800 Quantum Thermal CTP
  • 1 Piece The Speed is 42 Plate per Hour
  • 1 Piece KONITA T-800 Platesetter Conventional CTP

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