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The International Award Granted To Imak Ofset Management Office!

İmak Genel Müdürlük
Imak Ofset Management Office

Imak Ofset Management Office, designed by EDDA Architecture, received the "Best Office Interior Turkey" award at the European Property Awards 2020.

EDDA Architecture, which stands out with its office projects that focus on employee motivation, became the winner of the "Best Office Interior Turkey" category at the European Property Awards 2020 with the interiors of Imak Ofset's new management office building whose design and implementation works were carried out by them. The winners were announced at the online award ceremony held on December 11.

Highlighting the corporate identity of the company with the colors, materials, and interior landscaping works used, EDDA Architecture designed the interiors of Imak Ofset Management Office in a colorful, dynamic and functional way. Interior Designer Eda Tahmaz, who created a pleasant environment for employees with departments designed around social spaces built in the core, has created an office design where employee motivation is raised to the highest point with the colors, materials and interior landscaping works used.

In the plan where the distribution of different functions and departments was spread over three separate floors according to the employer's request, the entrance to the management office was designed in a circular form and the reception and waiting areas were placed here. With this understanding, these organic forms were reflected on the ceiling, lighting, and furniture, and the three-dimensional effect within the space itself was continued. The showroom and meeting rooms, where the company's products are placed, are designed on the 1st floor and on the 2nd floor, there are break rooms and private bathrooms, as well as executive rooms, a board of directors meeting room, marketing, and sales departments, and a cafe and sitting areas for the use of all office employees.

İmak Genel Müdürlük
İmak Ofset Lounge Bar
İmak Genel Müdürlük
İmak Ofset Showroom

A dynamic and modern style was captured in the design with vivid colors, warm materials, and interior landscaping that will keep the team dynamic in the intense work pace while creating diversity between departments with color choices on which user requests were also effective. A simpler line was ensured in the executive rooms with materials such as carpet, marble, natural wood, and metal. By positioning a 170-person dining hall, open terrace, and social areas including table tennis and table football where employees can socialize and relieve their daily stress together with the training and seminar room for 100 people and suite rooms designed for foreign guests on the 3rd floor, EDDA Architecture provided a working environment that goes beyond traditional norms with its innovative solutions.

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    Burak Demir10 January 2019

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