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Imak Ofset Introductory Video.

Imak Ofset Introductory Video

Imak Ofset has been serving in the printing industry as a leading company since its establishment in 1997.

All production processes are carried out with great care with our modern and fully integrated production facilities, and our machine park is equipped with a high-performance color management system with all technological possibilities. We respond to the expectations of the world with our quality proven by internationally recognized certificates, our environmental approach that cares about people and nature, and we turn our advantages into art. While providing printing solutions and printing services to hundreds of well-known brands spread over seven continents, we hope to have successful cooperation with you as well.

Our Vision

By producing at the quality and speed required by the age,

  • To install machinery and equipment that allow us to serve all the possibilities of technology.
  • Working with trained personnel who can adapt to changing conditions.
  • To be well equipped to represent our customers in the best way with the products and corporate structure.
  • To analyze the requirements of the sector very well by working with a human focus and to provide services based on knowledge and experience by identifying the needs of the customers we serve in this direction.
  • Our Mission

    To evaluate the demands from our customers quickly and deliver them on time in accordance with international quality norms.

    İmak Genel Müdürlük
    Imak Ofset Production 01
    İmak Genel Müdürlük
    Imak Ofset Production 02

    Our Marketing Approach

    We provide services in our domestic and international marketing departments with our trained and experienced customer representatives with a solution-oriented approach. Every project whose approvals received and submitted for printing is our mission. It is our main duty as your representative to follow the quality at every stage of production until we deliver the works to you.

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      Levent Yalçın24 June 2021

      Firmamın matbaa işlerini size devrettiğim günden beri beni büyük bir yükten kurtarmış oldunuz. Sayenizde diğer işlerime daha fazla zaman ayırıyorum ve matbaa kısmını asla düşünmüyorum ilginiz alakanız için çok teşekkür ederim.

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